Korean Slang: Menbung 멘붕

The Korean language is full of slang just like any other language. In order to fully master the language, one has to have at least some slang words in their heads.

Today’s word:



It’s short for  멘탈붕괴 [men tal bung goe],  a combination of the English word “mental” and the word 붕괴,which means to deconstruct. Mental here refers to the mental state of the person, and hence, Men Bung means to experience mental shock aka. OTL. It was first used amongst the Korean Starcraft players in 2011.

사회학논문쓰느라 멘붕이야 지금.
[Sa hoe hak non mun sseu neu ra men bung i ya ji geum]
I’m in mental shock mode because of my sociology paper.

경제가않좋아지면서, 직장인들모두멘붕.
[Gyeong je ga anh joh a ji myeon seo, jik jang in deul mo du men bung]
As the economy is declining, workers are experiencing mental shock.

2NE1 singer CL even dedicated an entire song to this slang word:

What makes you feel “menbung”?


6 thoughts on “Korean Slang: Menbung 멘붕

  1. Haha, saying it out loud it sounds so cuteーnot like it should be such a strong word at all. I’ll try it on one of my Korean friends next time I see her, and see if she picks it up. (May be harder since that’ll be the only word I can use, but here’s hoping!) 😉

  2. I should stop visiting a few forums where the people lack common sense, giving me 멘붕.
    [like this? did i use it correctly? lol]

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