[VLOG] Quanjude’s Peking Duck in Beijing

This week will be all about Beijing! Jeongsu and I had a great time in Beijing last weekend and we took lots of pictures and videos for you guys! Today will start off with one of the best places to eat in Beijing!

Jeongsu and I are the biggest foodies ever. We enjoy food and combine our travels with trying local dishes and aren’t afraid to admit it! No wonder, when we were in Beijing this past weekend, we had to go to the oldest and most famous Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing: Quanjude  全聚德 and we even filmed the whole thing!


Jeongsu enjoying his Peking Duck!


About Quanjude

“Quan (全) means perfection without a flaw, Ju (聚) means gathering without departing, and De (德) means virtues to be supreme.”

This restaurant masters Peking Roast Duck and it world-famous for its longstanding culinary heritage. Quanjude was established in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty under the reign of the Tongzhi Emperor.

Even though the Peking Duck recipe can be traced many centuries back, Quanjude’s heritage of roast duck preparation – using open ovens and non-smoky hardwood fuel such as Chinese date, peach, or pear to add a subtle fruity flavor with a golden crisp to the skin – was originally reserved for the imperial families. This means, you get the same food served like the ancient Qing royals! Isn’t that neat?

There are 6 different locations all throughout Beijing:

  1. Quanjude Qianmen Restaurant (Flagship Restaurant)
  2. Quanjude Hepingmen Roast Duck Restaurant
  3. Quanjude Wangfujing Roast Duck Restaurant
  4. Quanjude Olympic Village Roast Duck Restaurant
  5. Quanjude Qinghuayuan Roast Duck Restaurant
  6. Quanjude Sanyuanqiao Roast Duck Restaurant

Where ever you are in Beijing, you can be sure there’s a Quanjude close to you! Jeongsu and I went to the one at Hepingmen! Check here for addresses and phone numbers. 

Peking Duck Meal


Half a duck meal

The restaurant offers a set meal for 1 whole Peking duck for 238 RMB including side dishes. Jeongsu and I just ordered half a duck which is also possible and only costs half the price. However, we added duck dumplings to our meal which were very delicious.

The half duck version doesn’t include many side dishes. Basically just the pancakes, sauce and green onions which the duck meat is wrapped in. This restaurant also offers bird’s nest and other expensive “delicacies” if you are up for trying something unique.

Make sure you try the local Beijing Yanjing beer! It goes perfectly with the duck!

A little after you order, a professional chef comes next to your table preparing the famous duck right in front of you!


Check out our experience in this vlog video:



Have you ever had Peking Duck?

8 thoughts on “[VLOG] Quanjude’s Peking Duck in Beijing

  1. I went to the same branch as you guys for Spring Festival in 2011 with my family. It was a spectacular meal which we all really enjoyed. One of the side dishes was something new for all of us though, sea cucumber(!), which didn’t go down as well…

  2. I don’t know why but these days I just don’t likebeijing duck anymore. Somehow it is just too fatty/ greasy and whatnot for my liking. Well, perhaps I just ate once a bad one and should try again at some point 🙂

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