Guilin and Yangshuo 桂林和阳朔

The area in and around the cities of Guilin and Yangshuo are world-famous for their unique mountanious scenery. A scenic spot between the two cities along the Li River even made it onto the 20 Yuan bill. Guilin and Yangshuo became a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to a variety of unique sights, for example rice terraces in Longsheng, the Silver Cave and Seven-Star Cave, the Li river scenic area as well as a small variety of minority folks living in their own little villages.

I have been to this area two times so far and would definitely go again! I’m going to write more about my actual travels to the city in another post in my “China Travel Destinations” section.

Enjoy this gallery about Guilin and Yangshuo! Have you been to this area before? What did you like best? Leave a comment and followmepinterest

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