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I talked to Ruth from China Elevator Stories about AMWF relationships. She herself is married to a Chinese living in Shenzhen writing about her experiences there. We were both wondering what kind of people AMWF couples are, how they met and why they usually get married soon.

AMWF (= Asian male, white female) relationships are not as rare as they used to be. The AMWF community is growing and many women or men are speaking up, creating blogs and other media to inform the public about this interesting topic.

Popular AMWF blogs are:

and many many more.

If you are in an AMWF relationship, please take this short survey of 12 questions. I am trying to collect some informative data to see similarities and typical habits of AMWF couples. Please also share the link on your social media or invite friends to follow and contribute!

To take the survey simply click the button below:

Take the ultimate AMWF survey

27 thoughts on “Take the Ultimate AMWF Survey

  1. done! 🙂
    I must say I liked the last question the most – it’s so annoying how many people ask only ONE question: is his penis small? I mean they could ask 5958168539 different questions and that’s the only one they ask O.o

  2. Hey great idea Linda and I love this survey! One suggestion you might consider — some of us in AMWF relationships have a bilingual relationship. For example, I speak with my husband in Chinese and English (and even a little local dialect…well, not much but I’m learning bits and pieces every day!). It would be great if you could edit the language question to include people like me.

    • Hi I read the article and took the survey. Now I am hispanic women dating a chinese guy that knew him as a family friend for 7years he only dated chinese and I only dated hispanic men but now I told him my true feeling and we taking things slow and I’m scared he might not like me but we hiitng off pretty well and I do get a lot of looks and questions about his and joke about penises. I haven’t gotten that far. But it will be new for us he even said he’s excited about it. Reason why he choose to date me is cuz I’m looking for a husband not not game and he’s same way 🙂 only difference I’m 24,he’s 31

  3. I did the survey. 😀
    The language part, actually, English became his mother tongue. English is much easier for him to express than his supposed mother tongue, Mandarin. We’re both speaking our mother tongues to each other. 😀

  4. Just completed the survey. I have to say, though, even though people sometimes react with surprise, esp. in Japan, to me as a white woman with my Japanese husband, I’m not sure this rises to the level of racism for me, or at least not racism that has damaged me in any way. Although I’m pregnant right now with my first, so maybe I will feel differently if people here react to my child for being of mixed heritage, and I do already get comments about how cute “hafu” (i.e., “half,” or half-Japanese) babies are. It hasn’t really bothered me yet, but maybe it will in the future. Not sure.

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  6. Done 🙂 great survey, it would be interesting to see the list of the answer of the last question! ahah, I bet alot of them goes like this ” is hes penis small?” “is it true, that their penis is small?… >.<

  7. Oh I’m so glad you emailed me and I’m checking out your blog, I can join the club! I’ve never been able to read much about other AMWF couples so this is really exciting. Can’t wait to see results from the survey! (And sadly I’m on the same page with everyone else about that last question, ergh…)

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